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3/13/2023 Music Review by Chakuna Machi Asa

Geodepédie-Hidden Light by Christina Tourin

Genre: New Age Label: Emerald Harp Productions

Christina Tourin's new album is like discovering a magical hidden gemstone inside a dark mountain cave. As above, so below, this special healing gem feeds the earth and mirrors the heavens.

As I began to listen to this album, I felt my heart open and soften. I started to remember how important and powerful my emotions really are. The music is a gentle reminder to get deeply connected to what we are feeling, even if our emotions seem pointless.

My favorite song on the album is Land O' the Leal

As I listen, I am transported to the rolling hills of Scotland. This land is covered in the greenest of grass. I am standing there at the top of the hill, overlooking the ocean, as my hair gently blows in the wind. Christina's Harp sounds reflect the rhythm of the ocean waves while Buvana Gerlach's vocals gently soothe my soul. Land O' the Leal reminds us to notice the kindness of life that surrounds us in every moment.

Christina's Harp sounds are therapeutic and contain the essence of her soul.

While listening to Amethyst of Avalon, I feel a heavenly glow of light surrounding me that glistens like sunlight touching the surface of moving water. The combination of vocals, synth, and harp all together throughout the album reflect the multidimensionality and therapeutic quality of the artists mystical nature. If you enjoy Loreena McKennitt and Enya you will love Geodepédie-Hidden Light because it carries the essence of both.

Christina performed for 17 years for the Von Trapp Family at their Austrian Chalet Lodge in Vermont. She is also acclaimed for her International Harp Therapy Program that currently has training centers in multiple countries and languages with Therapeutic Harp Practitioners from 32 countries serving on five continents.

Geodepédie-Hidden Light was recorded at SpragueLand Studios in Encinitas, CA, with sound engineer Peter Sprague. Cover design is by Jaime Tourin and liner notes by Jonathan Widran. Featured artists and musicians on the album are Christina Tourin (harp), Peter Sprague (guitar/synth), David Eastoe (synth), Suzanne Doucet (synth), Buvana Gerlach (vocals), Lies Joosten (Harp,Track 1).

Learn more about Christina and her music here

Please leave a review or comment below if you have listened to this new amazing album!!!


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