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Phenomenal Ethereal Ambient Album with Nature Sounds

Private Earth by Carlos Dengler



REVIEWED: JUNE 6TH, 2023 by Chakuna Machi Asa

Ethereal eclectic mix of sounds that are energetic and inspiring.

Each song on Carlos Dengler's newest album Private Earth takes us on an experiential journey through the natural world. This New York multi-instrumentalist, composer and avid backpacker brings us a new sense of freedom, on all levels, with this inspirational work of art. He is gifted at arranging a mixture of instruments, sounds and eclectic rhythms that all effectively coalesce together to help open the listeners mind. The album creates in us a new mental perspective regarding our relationship to the earth's beauty.

Ancient Lake is one of the first songs that caught my attention. This song combines ancient flute sounds (performed by Keith Bonner) that float and dance over piano, guitar and soothing synth sounds. As I listen, my mind is transported to a stunning natural landscape with a large tranquil body of water. The wind is gently blowing through my hair as I watch the calm waves of water flowing by. It elicits feelings of peace and gratefulness.

However, my favorite song on the album is Desert Flora. The rhythm of the drums, rattles, soft chants combined with atmospheric nature sounds is simply bliss. It has the most ethereal and sublime sound combinations that I have heard this year. It awakens a very ancient sense of time and space in the listener. Carlos Dengler is an expert at helping you experience an imaginary journey of nature scenes through sound. The music is uplifting and energizes inspired thoughts.

After Dengler enrolled at NYU in the ’90s, his appreciation of ambient and experimental music became evident when he started Theatrum Aethereum, a WNYU radio show (1997 to 1998) dedicated to ethereal goth and dark ambient music. Carlos Dengler’s music has been welcomed with enthusiastic reviews and support from Chuck van Zyl/STAR'S END, NPR’s Tones & Drones Podcast with Jason Miller, added to SiriusXM Spa, One World Music Radio, and others globally.

Carlos has three offerings, Aqueduct and Ecospheres, both released in 2022, and this newest album Private Earth, released June 2, 2023.

For more information and to listen to his music go to:


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