Chakuna is an award winning artist, composer, singer, and producer of sound healing music, chakra music, new age music, ambient piano music, and relaxation music. She is a transformative sound healing artist with practice in the ancient tradition of overtone chanting and shamanic drumming. Throughout her life, she has skillfully used sound vibration to activate the awakened natural state of universal being and inspire personal transformation. She offers video teachings, music, high vibe energy healing tools, crystals, handmade wands and jewelry to encourage individuals to explore their spiritual energy, to get in touch with their authentic self and to help them add a spark of inspirational magic into their everyday life.

The Michigan born artist, composer/pianist, singer and producer’s spiritual name translates from multiple different languages to “Ancestor, Healer”. The name Chakuna comes from the Quechua word Machakuna which means Ancestor. If one chooses to pronounce “Machi” as Ma-KEE (Ma-Qi),  it roughly translates to “my energy,” which she believes she has carried with her from a past life to this one so that she may use her gifts to transmit these healing vibes.  “Asa” also translates from Hebrew meaning “healer” and from Swedish it is pronounced “o-sa” and means “Goddess”. And, “Asa” also means “hope” in multiple different languages. Her name, Chakuna Machi Asa was activated in an ancient indigenous Peruvian Shamanic ceremony. 


The artist graduated with a BA in Psychology from Michigan State University with specialized studies in abnormal psychology, philosophy of love and justice, shamanism and world religions. She was a member of the competitive audition choir Michigan State Singers, which was part of the MSU School of Music. Her multi-faceted post graduate studies included Peruvian Shamanic Healing, Herbology, Guided Meditation and Natural Health. She also holds certifications in Massage Therapy, Reiki III, Therapeutic Kinesiology, Crystal Healing Therapy, and Reiki Drumming. She has been featured by The Shift Network, The Heart of the Healer, and Shamans Market.



☆☆☆☆☆ over 750 reviews

"An exquisite crystal! I am very happy with my purchase. It was delivered quickly. Thank you."

"Soooooo beautiful and amazing energy. I can’t wait to wear this all the time!"

"What a beautiful angel aura quartz necklace! I can feel the energy emanating from this lovely crystal."

"These are beautiful pieces. I’m so pleased. Great store, great service."

"My daughter loved it! It’s absolutely gorgeous and very magical :)"

Reviews from Music Listeners:

"Life changing, cleansing, clearing, soulfull!"

"Awesome vibrational energy!"

"Chakuna Machi Asa creates beautiful, deep, potent, healing music that incorporates her practices of overtone chanting and shamanic drumming. She uses sound to inspire personal transformation and awaken you to your natural, peaceful state of being. Her album, Ancient Healing Chants, was specifically created to activate your personal power, and each track is designed to rebalance one of the 7 Chakras. You can feel the vibrations permeating your being as you listen." - The Shift Network   

"Chakuna's awareness of sound, energy and healing deeply support our yoga practice and meditation sessions. We are grateful for her work and for sharing her light with the world."

-Tricia Ptak, Founder of 'Balance Mind Body Therapies'


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