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Voting Member of The Recording Academy/GRAMMYS
Hollywood Music & Media Nominee for Best New Age Album



Chakuna is an HMMA© Nominee, Grammy® Voting Member, award winning artist, composer, singer, and producer of sound healing music, chakra music, new age music, ambient piano music, and relaxation music. She is a transformative ceremonial sound healing artist with practice in the ancient tradition of overtone chanting and shamanic drumming. She specializes in digital marketing, is a social media influencer, and offers self help resources to teach self care, advocates for mental health awareness, and to helps people reconnect to the wisdom of the planets indigenous ancestors and cross-cultural earth based spiritual practices.

The Michigan born artist, composer/pianist, singer and producer’s spiritual name Chakuna Machi Åsa also written as Machukuna Chi Åsa. translates from multiple different languages to “Ancestor, Healer”. The name Chakuna or Chukuna comes from the Quechua word Machukuna which means Ancestor/Old Ones. Machi pronounced either Ma-CHEE or Ma-KEE (Ma-Qi), Latin/Spanish/Sanskrit/First Peoples Language and roughly translates to “my energy,”  MA or MAH is a very ancient way of saying "where the center of something sits, exists or is located.. and only you can decree the center of your own energy, place of origin/land, the heart, or seat of the soul.  Åsa roughly translates from Hebrew meaning “healer” and from her Swedish lineage it is pronounced “o-sa” connected to the old norse mythology Æsir or ǫ́ss.  Åsa also means “hope” in multiple different languages because it carries faith in "love/the higher power" at the core of its essence (ēse).

Her spiritual name, was activated in an ancient indigenous Peruvian Shamanic ceremony. Her shamanic teacher Don-Oscar Miro-Quesada was born in Peru and has been sanctioned by the indigenous elders to carry on the traditions in America so they are not lost forever. 


Her music and art is also inspired by her helpful ancestors.  Her ancestral lineage is Scandinavian, Finnish, including Sámi Indigenous of the Sápmi region in (Nordland) Norway, Northern Sweden, (Ostrobothnia & Northern) Finland, the Celtic tribes of Northern Ireland, "The Munro Clan" in Scotland, & (Provident Manitou) Ojibwe Indigenous. 

The artist graduated with a BA in Psychology from Michigan State University with specialized studies in abnormal psychology, philosophy of love and justice, shamanism and world religions. She was a member of the competitive audition choir Michigan State Singers, part of the MSU School of Music. Her multi-faceted post graduate studies included Peruvian Shamanic Healing, Herbology, Guided Meditation and Natural Health. She also holds certifications in Massage Therapy, Reiki III, Therapeutic Kinesiology, Crystal Healing Therapy, and Reiki Drumming. 



☆☆☆☆☆ over 750 reviews

"An exquisite crystal! I am very happy with my purchase. It was delivered quickly. Thank you."

"Soooooo beautiful and amazing energy. I can’t wait to wear this all the time!"

"What a beautiful angel aura quartz necklace! I can feel the energy emanating from this lovely crystal."

"These are beautiful pieces. I’m so pleased. Great store, great service."

"My daughter loved it! It’s absolutely gorgeous and very magical :)"

Reviews from Music Listeners:

"Life changing, cleansing, clearing, soulfull!"

"Awesome vibrational energy!"

"Chakuna Machi Asa creates beautiful, deep, potent, healing music that incorporates her practices of overtone chanting and shamanic drumming. She uses sound to inspire personal transformation and awaken you to your natural, peaceful state of being. Her album, Ancient Healing Chants, was specifically created to activate your personal power, and each track is designed to rebalance one of the 7 Chakras. You can feel the vibrations permeating your being as you listen." - The Shift Network   

"Chakuna's awareness of sound, energy and healing deeply support our yoga practice and meditation sessions. We are grateful for her work and for sharing her light with the world."

-Tricia Ptak, Founder of 'Balance Mind Body Therapies'


For more information about distribution and other please click here CONTACT INFO 

PR Contact is:

Beth Hilton at The B Company

of Hilton Entertainment LLC

Los Angelas, CA

~Outstanding in so many ways

        -Dyan Garris, Award-Winning New Age Recording Artist

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