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Chakras are the multidimensional frequency of vibrations that humans resonate to in order to sense, experience, and communicate with other energies of similar vibrations. There are 7 main chakras that spin, vibrate and emit an electromagnetic field outward in all directions.

Root Chakra- Physical Sense of Being, Safe, Physical Health

Sacral Chakra- All relationships with the self and others, feeling understood and understanding others, compassion.

Solar Plexus Chakra- Self empowerment, self esteem, perception of self in relation to others, feeling successful in life and with personal goals. 

Heart Chakra- Ability to express and understand emotional relationships, to love. To experience love of oneself, love for the earth and love of people. Higher compassion and connection to your own hearts purpose in life. Gaining understanding and respect for your souls expressions and helping others to experience this through your gifts.

Throat Chakra- Ones ability to speak, share and communicate their passionate expressions with the world

Third Eye Chakra- Connecting to the higher wisdom and vision to assist in giving power to creative ideas. Creativity, Vision, Inner wisdom, Inner Sight, Psychic Ability, Envisioning the future. Divine connection to creator.

Crown Chakra- Ones spirit/soul, our energetic connection to the creator and our divine soul. The portal to our own souls path, higher knowledge, our spirit guides, geometric magnetic connection with all that is. The divine matrix.


The CD Album Activation Sounds: Ancient Chakra Healing Chants is based on Chakuna's channeled vibrational system for aligning you to your higher awareness and purpose. F# through F is her channeled base energy sound system that can be used to assist in the activation of multiple layers of the inner cosmic experience and to access your divine personal truth and life passions. The key is that by listening and chanting with this CD you will re-center, open, and activate your energy system. While listening, you will feel the vibrations pulsing in and throughout your body.  The intention of this CD is to assist in activating your en-lightened inter-relational personal cosmic awareness and to help you connect more deeply to yourself and the world around you. It is meant to act as a guide to help you more easily share your energy safely with the rest of the world.


Hertz Frequencies: Cycles Per Second


Root Chakra: F# (184.997Hz) and D# (311.127Hz) Overtone: D# (622.254Hz)

Sacral Chakra: G# (207.652Hz) Overtone: G# (415.305Hz)

Solar Plexus Chakra: Instrument: B (123.471Hz) Vocal: B (246.942Hz)  Overtones: B (493.883Hz and 987.767Hz)

Heart Chakra Instrument: C (130.813Hz) Vocal: C (261.625565Hz) and Harmony: (A220.000Hz) Overtone C (523.251Hz)

Throat Chakra: Vocal: D (293.665Hz) and A (220.000Hz) Overtone D (587.330Hz)

Third Eye Chakra: Vocal: E (329.628Hz) and B (246.942Hz) Overtone E (659.255Hz)

Crown Chakra: Instrument: F Major (174.614Hz) & (349.228Hz) Vocal: (who am I) B♭ (466.164Hz) (I am) & B♭ (233.082Hz)

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