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Calming Ambient Electronic Atmosphere

Subtracted Soundscapes by Johan Agebjörn



REVIEWED: AUGUST 1, 2023 by Chakuna Machi Asa

Intricate soothing patterns of sounds and textures woven together

Cover art for Subtracted Soundscapes by Johan Agebjörn
Subtracted Soundscapes by Johan Agebjörn

These new songs on the album Subtracted Soundscapes are remixed versions of some of Johan's older works from throughout his career. They have a new effect that creates a soft soothing experience. I find them soul stirring and carrying an addictive quality. Johans music includes keyboard, synth, electronic textures, gentle drone, nature sounds, vocals, soft spoken words and string instruments. The songs have secrets that they are slowly unveiling. You just cant wait to find out what happens next. Johan hopes that these new versions evoke feelings of calmness in the listener.

Relaxing beam of sunlight in nature

My favorite song on the album is Dulciter Somni (Subtracted Version) (feat. Lisa Barra). The song is a combination of stunning vocals and other worldly electronic soundscapes that are uplifting, inspiring and relaxing—I imagine a metallic glaring beam of energizing sunlight. Sleep In My Arms (Subtracted Version) Johan Agebjörn & Sally Shapiro did just what its name intends. I fell asleep listening to it. A whispering echo of spoken word vocal overlays the soundscapes throughout the song. Textures of flute, horns, string, synth and bells slowly entice the mind to float away to a deep state of relaxation. It ends with gentle nature sounds—pure tranquility.

Siberian Train Part II (Subtracted Version) is a fascinating listening experience. I imagine that I am a passenger on the train. You actually experience the sound effects of a train gliding along the tracks and a quiet conductors radio frequencies. Haunting synth and reverb strings dance along the tracks enhancing the feeling of movement forward. The album ends with Zero Gravitation (Subtracted Version). Low drone tones layered with subtle higher synth dancing on the surface. I kept starting the songs over so I could keep experiencing the feelings that this music induced in my mind. Subtracted Soundscapes is an album that everyone should add to their ambient electronic and deep sleep playlists. One of the best calming ambient albums that I have heard this year.

Track List:

  1. Four Hours To Karhumäki (Subtracted Version)

  2. Swimming Through the Blue Lagoon (Subtracted Version)

  3. Ambient Computer Dance (Subtracted Version)

  4. As I Passed the Vyartsilya Border Crossing (Subtracted Version)

  5. Sleep In My Arms (Subtracted Version)

  6. Dulciter Somni (Subtracted Version)

  7. Siberian Train Part II (Subtracted Version)

  8. Zero Gravitation (Subtracted Version)

Johan Agebjörn is a Swedish artist living in Lund, Sweden. His music is a variety of styles including ambient, electro, house, and solo piano. For more information and to listen to his music go to:



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