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ON AIR Radio

Thank you to all the radio hosts for their continued support for Auroral Magic! Guidos Lounge, Peter Hammond 2MAXFM, New Age Radio RU, Peaceful Currents Radio, Calm Radio, Chrissie Sheppard, Night Tides KCUR 89.3 FM Rene Blanche, 91.3 FM KVLU Jason Miller, Audioscapes, Peaceful Radio Benno Veugen, Gaia FM, Mary Bartlein WMSE 91.7FM, Kerani, The Cosmic Island, Hypnagogue Podcast, Radio Praetoria, Kenndy Sppere, Bob Stewart KCCK 88.3 FM, Nordic Roots and Branches KSER 90.7 FM Karen Pauley and more!!!

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