How to open the throat chakra

The throat chakra, विशुद्ध, or Vishuddh, is associated with the color vibration of blue and is located in the throat area just above the clavicle bones at the base of the neck. It is the area of vocal empowerment and expressing your essence with the world around you. It sits between the Third Eye Chakra and the Heart Chakra which assists with the communication between your visions and your love for the self, others and the earth. It is said that guilt is a feeling that can often contribute to the energy blocks in this area. Also, because of its location in the body it is often associated with the thyroid and the active energy in the body that regulates hormones. You can assist in opening this chakra with singing, toning and other sound healing or yoga positions, asana such as shoulder-stand, pranayama, Jalandhara Bandha, and Kesari mudra.

1) Find a quiet place where you will not be distracted.

2) Sit or lie down and bring all of your attention to your breath coming in and out of your body.

3) Place your hands on your belly and focus on the rise and fall of the belly with each breath.

4) Focus your mind on the color blue and imagine the blue color surrounding your throat area and then imagine it surrounds your entire body.

5) Continue to focus on your breathing.

6) Imagine that you are breathing in blue and breathing out blue and notice any uncomfortable feelings in your body.

7) Imagine releasing the tension in your body by breathing it out. Relax every muscle in your body and relax every muscle in the throat area. With each breath you feel more relaxed.

8) Sing "Ahhhhh" to further open and expand the throat area. With each inhale, imagine that you are breathing in the color blue and with each exhale, sing "Ahhhhhh". You can sing on any note that feels good to you.

9) Feel the sound vibrations through your whole body.

10) After you feel complete with this meditation, slowly open your eyes. Bring your attention back into the room and sit up for a few minutes before performing your other activities for the day.

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