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Magic Peruvian Water Spray and Bath Essence for the Aura and home Energy Cleansing!!! Mild Sweet Scent! Also good for positive Feng Shui Energy!! 4oz Spray Bottle Authentic ceremonially prepared and infused with reiki energy. Energetically aligned with the Metatron Cube sacred geometry (infused with my hand designed healing art symbol as seen on the label), 13 archangels for protection and with the balance of the five elemental principles. Chakra healing and balancing gem elixir essence.


Ingredients: distilled water, alcohol, witch hazel, Agua de Florida, Kananga, Agua de Amaryn, Agua de Rosas, Colonia de Claveles, chakra gem elixir energy with essence of copper merkaba, red jasper, orange calcite, citrine, aventurine, rose quartz, blue agate, amethyst, ruby fuchsite, clear quartz, reiki energy, metatron cube with 13 archangel essence. Those with strong allergies to flowers including rose and carnation should avoid this product.

Peruvian Magic Spray

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