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Metatron Cube Cloth Size: 12 inch x 12 inch Or 20 inch x 20 inch

Listing Photos feature the 12x12 cloth. Crystals not included.


Crystal grid cloth with handmade art design. Great for making crystal grids and altars. Also a great piece of art to hang in the home. Beautiful colors of pink and orange to represent the heart and connection with others!


Sacred Geometry represents the sacred connection of life and the divine geometric universal plan. Each shape begins with one circle and expands outward in an infinite divine pattern. It represents that all life forms also follow this theory of geometric infinite patterning of their own unique molecular structure. Much like the crystaline patterns of Snowflakes ❄️ The universe forms sacred geometric patterns of all kinds. All infinite, expanding from a single point in time and space.


This Fabric is made from natural fibers. Machine washable.

Metatron Crystal Grid Cloth

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