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share hope, purpose, and sound healing magic with the world!


Program Dates: April 16th-June 11th 2021

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Auroral Magic CD Album Affiliate Program 

Program Dates: April 16th-June 11th 2021

All orders must be placed by June 11th, 2021 to be eligible.

Questions? Email Lizzi at

USA participants only at this time

1)  You will receive $5 for each "Auroral Magic" Physical Full Album that a customer purchases using your affiliate code through "THIS WEBSITE ONLY"...

2) Digital sales on "our website" are available for the affiliate program on the June 11th ONLY. You will receive $5 for each digital sale of "Auroral Magic Full Album" a customer purchases using your affiliate code but only if purchased on June 11th.

3)  Each affiliate (you) are limited to earnings of $550 USD from us and each single customer purchase is limited to 4 or less Auroral Magic CDs per order.

4)  You will only receive affiliate payments for the AURORAL MAGIC CD ALBUM. At this time, no other items in our shop count towards the affiliate program however in the future you will be the first to know about other offers.

5)  Listening samples for each song on the album are also here in the Shop and Music Section of this website.


6)  Affiliate payments will start to distribute on June 14th 2021 please allow 1-2 weeks for processing.


7)  Our preferred affiliate payout method is through PayPal.


8)  We are not responsible for withholding any tax on our end for these payments to you (the affiliate). Please research or contact a tax professional to assist you if you need more information about how or if you need to report any earnings on your taxes. 


9) All customers will receive the actual full final CD and/or audio files on the CD release day June 11th, 2021.

Digital albums will become available for purchase on our website June 11th. 

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